Buying An Engagement Ring From Pawn Shop!

by Administrator 19. October 2012 18:36

So you’ve made up your mind to tie the knot with someone you truly love but the only hitch is that the ring you fancy having in your finger is way too expensive for your pocket? An engagement ring is one such thing that no one wants to compromise on as it is something that will last a lifetime. Well, if you are keen on getting a great engagement ring without burning a hole in your pocket, you might consider visiting a reliable pawn shop in your locality. They stock diamond, gold, precious and semi precious stone rings at extremely affordable prices.

Diamond rings are usually preferred as engagement rings and pawnshops have really nice ones for suiting every budget. When it comes to buying diamonds, it does not matter whether they are old or new, so buying a used one from a pawnshop could be the wisest choice for those who want to save on their hard-earned money and still get something worthwhile. Some pawnshops that specialize in jewelry have certified jewelers who have complete knowledge about the jewelry in stock and are willing to answer any queries that you might have about the authenticity and quality.

The rings at pawnshops come from people who once pawned them for money but could not repay the amount borrowed within the stipulated period. People usually pawn the best they have so you can be sure of buying a beautiful engagement ring at almost half the price at which you would have got it at a jewelry store. The quality and condition of the rings in pawnshops is undoubtedly as good as that of a brand new one at jewelry shops as they are properly checked for defects by experts and not accepted by pawnbrokers in case of any.

You will have to be wary about a few things though when heading to a pawnshop for an engagement ring. The following points are worth keeping in mind:

  • Ensure the pawnshop is the one of good repute.
  • Do some research and check out a number of pawnshops for better prices.
  • It would be helpful to have some prior knowledge about diamonds and precious stones for making the best choice.
  • Do not shy away from asking an expert at the pawnshop any questions that clarify doubts you might be having about the ring.

We at Cash Pawn allow you to browse through a beautiful range of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, chains and other fine jewelry items. You can also get instant loan for old and broken gold jewelry at our pawn shop. Our stores are located in Beeville, San Angelo, Killeen, Bastrop, Temple, Austin, Georgetown, Bastrop, and Ingleside in Central Texas.

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