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You can get great prices on all sorts of precious jewelry, including gold, silver, platinum, stone-studded, antique, etc. at Cash Pawn, Georgetown. At our jewelry store in Georgetown, you can get amazing deals, both on selling as well as buying jewelry. Every jewelry item that is brought into our store undergoes a rigorous quality check and evaluation procedure, which ensures that you get the best price for your jewelry. You can also be sure of the authenticity of each piece of jewelry that is on sale at our pawn shop.

Jewelry pawn services offered:
  • In order to get a jewelry pawn loan from Cash Pawn, Georgetown, the only requirements that you need to fulfill are to have a valid ID, and to be above 18 years of age. We do not require you to submit any other paperwork or go through a credit check.
  • Some of the items that are popularly used as collateral at our store include diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, loose diamonds, precious gemstones, all types of gold jewelry, etc.
  • You can also get attractive loan terms on old jewelry, broken jewelry, silver flatware, gold scrap, etc.
  • All these items are available for sale at our Georgetown store, you can buy beautiful pieces of jewelry at just a fraction of their original price.

  • A major benefit of getting a gold jewelry pawn loan is that this is considered as the highest form of security for the lender, ensuring that you get very favorable loan terms.
  • Your jewelry is completely safe at our facility, since we store all jewelry items in a well-secured, temperature-controlled storage unit, under constant surveillance.
  • The process of obtaining a pawn loan against jewelry from Cash Pawn, Georgetown, is very simple and straightforward. No time is wasted in unnecessary paperwork. Instead, you can get cash against the jewelry used as collateral immediately your jewelry’s value is ascertained.
  • The pricing procedure of our pawn loans is clear and transparent, with no hidden fees. Everything is easily calculated and visible for you to see. We offer the most competitive interest rates, which ensures that you get the best value for your assets.
  • In case you are unable to repay the pawn loan at any point during the repayment period, you can stop making payments without your credit score being affected. This is because we use the item that was put up as collateral to recover the loan amount.

Cash Pawn
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Working Hours:
Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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